Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wooo Hooo Wednesday...

... has rolled around again!

A few things going on in my life at the mo

* loving my new cupcake stamps, and am in love with watercolour pencils!! Made this little tag and had a go playing with the pencils - very pleased with how it turned out. Also found a cool wee trick last night, putting dots of kidy glitz where the 'sprinkles' are on the top of the cupcakes - makes it look very cool! Will post more examples of my play with the stamps soon.
* Loving being able to snuggle up near warm fire at night, only downside is the chilly mornings. Oh well does creat some spectacular scenery found the countryside at the mo!

* Back at work now, just three days a week but am enjoying adult conversations and using my brain again - LOL!

Here are a few pics I took at the weekend in the Te Anau area. Lots of snow on the road on the way in there on Friday, beautiful clear days but very chilly! Wore my thermals all weekend - LOL!!
Beautiful autumn colours amongst the snow.

At Pearl Harbour in Manapouri.


Mrs Frizz said...

Gorgeous wee tag ... love it!!!

Awesome pics ... ummmmm ... one of them looks extra 'cold'.

And you enjoy your adult conversation - lol.

Hannah said...

Love that cute tag!! Watercolour pencils are heaps of fun, eh? I need to get stamping and make some cards for birthdays and stuff ... I wish I had that cupcake stamp, SO cute!


Angel Gurl said...

thanks for playing whoo hoot wednesday. Love that tag looks like we have another cupcake fan
:-). Wow at that snow thats amazing and yet so early. How's the return to work going besides the adult conversation?

Trace said...

Mmmmm stunning, just stunning. I love Manapouri, especially going ove the lake surrounded by all those snowy mountains. Once when we stayed there, I got up early to take photos and met a dog sled team, kind of had to pinch myself to remember just where I was LOL!

Anonymous said...

That tag is so cute!
Oh it does look cold down your neck of the woods. But it sure does make for gorgeous photos!

Anonymous said...

We were down that way last winter and just loved it. Stayed at Te Anau and visited Manapouri. Kids loved stomping in the ice on the lake shore. Very beautiful part of our country.

Anonymous said...

that cupcake stamp is to cute - and yep love watercolour pencils - they are just the perfect touch. Was neat bumping into you on the street Mich! Thats the sort of randomness I get a kick out of lol.
Love your Te Anau shots - Leo and I dream of buying and living up that way - dream.... ;O)

Lara said...

way cute stamps!!! try some watercolour crayons next (stampin up ones are gawjus). Your Scenery photos are stunning.