Saturday, May 17, 2008

Out of the gate and off for a walk ....

... went Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's dairy! This is one very cool series of books, and yesterday Emma and I were lucky enough to go and meet Lynley Dodd (the author) at our local library. She read 3 sotries to the kids, then signed their favourite books that they had all brought from home. Below is Emma getting one signed for her, and another for Finn.

On a sadder note, my fav online hangout Scrapbook Essentials will be no more as of the end of the month. :(
I respect Meg and the decision she has made to spend more time with her family, and know that the friendships I have made through this fantastic forum will continue on.
Thank you Meg for all your hard work behind the scenes, and to you and your design team (past and present) for the amazing inspiration you provide us fellow scrappers with.

Megan, can't wait to hear what you have in the pipeline, am sure it will be great! :)

And here for those I was chatting with last night, my french knitting 'tail' is growing! LOL! Can't wait to see what you have created Beverley.

And to end on a happy note, I have just booked flights to Wellington in October! Yes that's right I'm coming to SENZ! Angelgurl has kindly invited me to stay at her place, so will be some scrapchaos happening that weekend - LOL! Looking forward to meeting more of the SE family up there :)


Hannah said...

So cool that you & Emma got to meet Lynley Dodds and have your books signed!

Yay for going to SENZ! I was going to be there working for Meg, but I won't be going now :-(
I hope you all have fun tho!

Anonymous said...

Zachary Quack is Aarons favourite as well.

Good for you on getting to SENZ - should be a lot of fun especially with the not so angelic angel! LOL

Angel Gurl said...

Loving that tail.I wonder if this will feature on your cupcake crusader outfit. Very cool that you both got to meet Lynley Dodd. Love that she read three stories to the children.

Mrs Frizz said...

Cute wee pic of Emma with Lynley Dodds ... woo hoo - definitely scrappable ... how cool is that!!!

SENZ ... go you!!! Lucky you!!! Still thinking about that one!

And the pink tail - groweth - lol!!!

Beverley said...

Yipee! A party in Wellington for SENZ and I'll get to meet you - yay. Looking good with the french knitting tail. Will update my blog soon ... just gotta check the forum!

Trace said...

Yay, your coming to SENZ - now we should organise fish and chips or something for Saturday night, then we can all have a good catch up! I know I'll see you Mich, the taffeta outfit should stand out...especially with the tail attached!

Anonymous said...

How cool for Emma and you to meet Lynley Dodds.
Lucky you going to SENZ, you will have an awesome weekend with those SE ladies.