Sunday, July 8, 2012

Inspired ...

Ever find yourself checking a blog or website ... this leads you to another blog/site, which leads on to another ... and then you emerge hours later full of ideas and inspiration?
I often refer to the internet as a giant magazine ... some amazing inspiration just waiting to be discovered!

So lately I have been inspired by:

- street art in Melbourne

- this lady (and am so glad I found the translate button for her blog tonight ... whew now I can read her blog not just look at the beautiful projects)

- found this talented lady tonight

- loving these products (watch out for some projects coming real soon)

- could spend hours trawling this gallery

- signing up to my first online workshop

... now to just find a spare hour or two to create! ;)

I took a couple of days off work last week to enjoy the school holidays with the kids. I finally took them on a tour of CadburyWorld (third time lucky ... long story) and the kids we excited when Marty joined the tour half way through. Yes, I know it's sad that with hubby working at Cadbury for years this is the first time the kids have been on a proper factory tour. They have been to his office before but never through where all the manufacturing is done. Needless to say they loved it, and loved the big bag of chocolate bars they walked out with!
The kids and I then ventured to my parents for a couple of nights. Mum heped me with a day shopping for clothes for the kids ... it's only in the holidays when they aren't wearing uniforms for 2 weeks that you realise some of their clothes are getting smaller/shorter! So the kids are sorted for clothes for the next few months ... just wish they would stop growing so quickly!!

On a final note the other thing inspiring me at the mo are the little hipstamatic pics I am taking with the app on my phone ... love the photo edge, the slight change in colours ... they have a funky feel to them. I have a few I have printed off on an a4 sheet of photo paper sitting on my desk ready to scrap ...

... my fav from the other night was this one taken by Finn ... of the the 'girls' reading a story at bedtime ... yes the four legged girl had to be a part of story time too ;)

So what is inspiring you at the moment?


Vicki said...

Thanks for links and love the look of the online class. Our doggie does that too - has to be where we are and lapping up the attention.

Steeped in Beautea said...

I must admit I too like to surf the net and it's amazing how you can go to one place and end up in so many places. I have the hip app on my phone too. I know everyone is so into Instagram, but hip is cool too lol. Awww at you three girls having story time, so cute. Had a wee giggle at the Cadbury tour, I can just imagine how stoked the kidlets would have been seeing dad join them. I have the pink couch down on my blog reader :-)

mandyb said...

ohhhhh that cadbury tour sounds yummo!! and lol about touring it with their dad!!!
fingers crossed i win something at the jaffa race on fri!!!!

cute pics too...thanks for sharing!!!

Mrs Frizz said...

and ... time for another update buddy ... just saying.