Sunday, September 4, 2011

Snapshot Sunday ...

... whew back to reality over the past few days, and winter ... well it felt like it! Snow dusting the hills on the first day of spring ... what's with that?!!!

So it feels like my short holiday was months ago ... rather than just being last weekend. And since I haven't had a chance to get the camera out over the last few days (would have been boring pics of laundry, tidying kids rooms, cleaning windows ... the usual spring cleaning tasks) so needless to say the pic this week is me reliving last weekend. LOL!

So Snapshot for this Sunday ...

... stunning at 30,000 feet over the Tasman Sea, about 3/4 way through the flight from Dunedin, NZ to Brisbane, Australia ...

Funny story about the flight over actually - well not so funny really. Hubby received a text mid morning on Thursday to say our flight had been delayed/rescheduled. The text was a bit casual so we thought our travel companions were playing a joke on us. But apparently not! Our plane had a technical issue and so it's arrival into Dunedin was delayed by about 13 hours. That was ok except our dpearture time was moved from 4.20pm Thursday to 5.50am Friday ... yes with a checkin 2 hours beforehand ... so the alarm was set for 2.45am!!!! Yes you read that right - the middle of the blimmin' night!!!!!! Oh well, we didn't really lose too much 'shopping' time on the Friday as we arrived into Brisbane at 8am, but it did make for a very long day ... think I was awake for almost 24 hours in the end that day!

On the scrappy front I am having a play with a collection pack from Scrapbook Outlet ... Bo Bunny Sweet Tooth - a girly pack ... lots of ideas ... a layout and minibook in progress ... stay tuned for sneak peeks later in the week.

Hope you all have a fantastic week :)


Janine said...

heck thats freaking long day the shot out of the wndow. I am hanging out for our long weekend in Melbourne next month.

Looking forward to seeing your scrappy projects.

mandyb said...

i hate early morning flights!!! getting to airport at 4am for 6am flight!!!! then up for 24 hours or so with time change!!!
but yip nice way to get another day in for sightseeing/shopping!!!
glad you had a good time
love the pic