Sunday, March 27, 2011

Snapshot Sunday ...

... sharing one taken last weekend ... ... look closely and you'll see ... A DOUBLE RAINBOW!
Been a busy week here, as Hubby away in Oz for work, this past week and next. So instead of travelling home just for a night or two he has gone to stay with my brother and family for the weekend in Melbourne. Taking in some rugby and today he is at the Formula 1 - lucky guy!!!

The kids and I got to talk to him on Skype a couple of times, also had fun talking with my 2 year old niece. Have only just set Skype this week and it's just the best - think we will make lots of use of it this year with another niece/nephew due to arrive later in the year!

Not much scrapping going on here, but slowly getting organised for 'Scraptastic' camp in a couple of weeks time - it's going to be a laugh esp with the duo of Julie and Kim in charge! Then just over a month later the Dunedin Camp is on - can't wait! Should get through my 'to scrap' list pretty quickly!

Hope you are all snuggled up warm in your part of the world, weather here has taken a turn towards winter today ... bbbrrrrrr!


mandyb said...

camp sounds fun!!! enjoy!!

love the rainbow piccy too

Janine said...

Double rainbow!!! I see it.....and how cool. Man I am so going to miss being with you at "Scraptastic". So envious

Mrs Frizz said...

Two camps ... now I can only hope that Mr Mojo is sitting on your shoulder my friend.