Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Trip to Paris!

... if only! LOL! Actually at the moment I would take just a couple more hours in the day or a 3 day weekend!

To say the last few weeks have been busy is an understatement - chaotic more like! Finn has had 7 days off school - first a cold then the vomit bug (3 times!!!!!). Each time the bug hit, he recovered and within 5 days it was back again! Then I got it! Throw in helping with school and sporting activities, trying to get my growing pile of contract work done and keep on top of the every increasing list of housework - whew! To prove how bad it has been - I received a box of yummy goodies that I bought from SBO (MME Alphabet Soup) and it is still sitting in the box - all of it - no time to play here!

But enough of that. Still there were some great moments in that time too - Emma lost her first tooth and is so proud showing everyone the gap it has left (and how she can stick her tongue through it)! Hubby had his birthday, and the kids are loving his pressie - a Wii! Proud of Finn completing the cross country last week, and then again today. He may not be the fastest runner (actually he is pretty good at bringing up the rear), but he had a smile on his face when he crossed the finish line! Finn also got Player of the Day at soccer, the weekend in between his bouts with the nasty bug - very happy to show off that trophy again!
And tonight Finn gave me the biggest hug before bed and told me "Mum, you are the best Mum in the whole wide world" - my heart melted right then and there - my kids are my world, they are all that matters to me (and hubby of course) and for him to say this means I must be doing something right, even when I have weeks like these when I feel I haven't accomplished anything.

Now looking forward, we have a family holiday planned that the kids are getting very excited about - across the ditch to visit my brother, followed by a play at the beach for another few days. Passports sorted, tickets booked, now just have to work out which events/theme parks/markets we are going to visit.

Scrappy news now ... A couple of weeks ago (before the chaos) I received a gorgeous 3 Bugs in a Rug pack. A Trip to Paris Caboodle pack to be exact - a great value pack with 9 papers, alphas, diecuts and rubons.
Here are my creations so far ...

And here is a sneak peek on a layout I am putting together at the moment ... you will have to wait until the 15th to see this one ...
On that note I am off to have a cuppa ... Good night :)


mandyb said...

am so sorry to hear the winter blues has hit your family badly.... so many bad things going around!!! roll on spring!!!
hope you get to play with those goodies in the box soon!!!!

Trace said...

Oh sucky on the being sick for you all. With spring here hopefully the bugs will be on there way out. Not sure when you go, but have the best trip in Aus won't you! Hows your Moro?

Mrs Frizz said...

what can I say - a little jealous here - have fun across the ditch!!!

And your wee man ... so very precious ... hope you wrote that down in your wee book!!!

Happy belated birthday Marty.