Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On the second day of Christmas ...

... we had a birthday leaving celebration at Kindy for Emma!
Yip my baby has grown up and is heading off to school (in the New Year). So today we did the whole playdough cake, '5' hat, sing the favourite song and review of the kindy scrapbook.

Tonight we helped with the Foodbank can drive - kids rode in the fire engine ahead, and we collected cans round a part of Mosgiel - filling 3/4's of a trailer. Many community groups helped out so we completed a full sweep of Mosgiel.


Trace said...

Cute - love the grin. Great food drive - go Mosgiel!

Mandyb said...

the old playdough cake...gotta love it...good on ya for the food drive too...always appreciated by those who receive the parcels