Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Woo Hoo again!

I know I am slack! I had good itentions ... I have taken pics of the layouts I have created recently but am yet to upload them?!

So ... woohoo for ....
* umbrellas - after a week or so of rain and drizzle an umbrella definitely comes in handy!
* kiddie cuddles
* a great comments from Finn's teacher at Parent/teacher interviews yesterday

On that last note - we had the last parent/teacher interview for Finn only a couple of weeks after he started. She highlighted a few areas where Finn was maybe not quite up to speed, like recognising numbers and colours (like I think I mentioned in an earlier post). But this was just Finn, at Kindy he would be the first out the door into the playground and sandpit, I very rarely got pictures or writing - he was just too busy playing. But now - WOW - the change in him over the last 4 months has been amazing! He is like a sponge and I am consistently amazed by some of the things he comes out with nowadays! Spelling words for me, reading basic words in the newspaper, roadsigns and books. I am soooo proud of him and whatsmore he loves school which is all good - long may it continue!

Hope everyone is surviving this wild weather. My Uncle and his family have just been evacuated tonight from their place in Torbay, fingers crossed this rain eases and their house is undamaged.


Trace said...

If they love school then everything else comes with time. It's amazing how if they go to school when the have school readiness then they are just like you said, little sponges soaking it all up.

Angel Gurl said...

at least you can use brollies down there I dont even bother. Thats exciting about Finn and I am amazed at how much they soak up in thier first year and to see the progress they make in reading groups and maths ext is so exciting.

Hannah said...

Too windy for umbrellas here!! But glad you have been able to use them.

WTG Finn!! It's amazing how quickly they can change and just start learning anything & everything! And of course loving school is a very good thing :-)

Mrs Frizz said...

Go Finn ... and you will be so proud of his efforts and his achievements.

He's growing up!!!